The story

Quality is never out of fashion. This is why there is still a place in the rapidly changing fashion industry for a number of old and exclusive brands that adhere to traditions and quality. Brands that use high-quality materials and production methods that maybe may not be the most efficient, but do contribute to producing the best products with the highest quality. These are often family businesses that keep track of their time but keep themselves from the fast-paced fashion world, where 4 collections a year is actually considered normal.

Quality you can see, feel and that exudes luxury.

Streetwear is a relatively young moderation where terms such as quality, comfort and tradition have not been established yet. In 2014, I started my search for a high quality cap, one made out of beautiful materials, but this search led to nothing. The disappointing result of this quest was the reason for me to start designing caps myself. From paper, printed with patterns and colors of the internet, I developed 3D hat models. Hats inspired from the 80’s but then combined with unique and exclusive materials. All with the idea in mind that if you buy something it should be special. Not only because of the materials used but because of the overall quality. Quality you can see, feel and that exudes luxury. Resulting in a product that will last for years.

they believed in my concept and products and were therefore willing to help me

From curiosity what people thought of my models, I started an Instagram page with photos of the paper hat models at the end of 2014. With a page full of paper hats, I received my first rather unexpected order. This meant I had to find a production facility and rather soon I found a studio that has been making hats and caps for over 150 years. But more importantly than that, they believed in my concept and products and were therefore willing to help me. First by producing just one single cap and after delivering these first customer orders, I launched my first collection in 2016. BYB Amsterdam was born. The three capital letters are the abbreviation for my name.

BYB; high Dutch quality with ‘un-Dutch’ individuality and exclusivity

BYB is for those who do not want to blend in with the masses, but for those who appreciate individuality and exclusivity. The durability and the unique crafted by hand production and usage of the most exclusive and natural materials give each cap its own authenticity. And this makes every cap one of a kind. This is what I wanted to achieve with BYB; high Dutch quality with ‘un-Dutch’ individuality and exclusivity. An essential not for one season, but for a lifetime.

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