FUGAZZI Parfum 2 OUD of Office

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PARFUM 2 proves that the fetish ingredient of today – oudh – can also resonate in a fragrance without being overwhelming. It’s as if it floats around affably on waves of flowers and fresh green notes. And yet the warm woody sensual base guarantees you experience all the mystery of oudh.

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260% increase in attractiveness!

Every bottle contains 4% of a secret natural ingredient that increases the production of human pheromones, up to 260%! Pheromones are the substances our body produces to make us attractive to others. And where’s the objection to giving nature a helping hand? FEEL FUGAZZI!

Top: bergamot, aquatic notes.
Heart: jasmine, floral, clover, incense.
Base: oudh, leather, musk, moss, vetiver, sandalwood.

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