Fugazzi Founder Bram Niessink, a young Dutch entrepreneur, achieved success with his high-end headwear label BYB AMSTERDAM. The products of this label are made with the same precision as Fugazzi’s perfume. Natural materials, authenticity, individuality and exclusivity are the core values ​​of Niessink’s Amsterdam lifestyle brand.

Founder Bram Niessink had only one goal in mind when creating his first perfume - Perfume 1, namely the bottling of pure temptation. Perfume 1, the first perfume of his brandnew brand Fugazzi is therefore a mysterious and sensational seducer for him and for her.

Fresh foreplay, mysterious interlude and seductive base

The fresh and sweet top notes with a slight woody undertone grab the attention immediately. Artemisia from the Atlas Mountains, Asiatic spearmint, red fruit, Petitgrain Paraguay, Italian mandarin, cardamom and nutmeg create an unforgettable meeting. Pure titillation.

A rare pheromone booster

In addition to the fragrance, it was a challenge to provide an extra experience when wearing Perfume 1. Namely: Attraction and temptation. It has succeeded through the combining of Indian flowers and Asian tea varieties, which are normally used in medicine. FUGAZZI increasing the body own pheromones production with 260% when in get in contact with the skin. Every bottle contain 4% of this secret mix that will affect the subconscious mind for the people next to you. Click below to see the video how Perfume 1 is bottled by hand.